Who is Gerson Archila?

The National Enquirer  now says after a little digging around in court records, he may not be the prince charming for Hunter afterall. 

They revealed 38-year-old Gersson Homer Achila, has a prior (1996) domestic abuse conviction against him in Los Angeles, filed by a former girlfriend. As a result, he served about two months in jail.

More recently in 2007, Tylo’s new husband was  jailed for ‘unlawful possession of a needle or syringe’, yet charges against him were later dismissed. Friends say that Gersson is “reformed thanks to his strong religious faith.” I’m hoping he really has changed for the sake of Hunter Tylo and her surviving children.

If not, this could be a complete disaster of a marriage, which Hunter doesn’t need. I can’t help but root for this woman that things turn out good for her down the road-but the court records do give me incredible chills of uncertainty and a tinge of doubt. What do you think?

Do you think Gersson Archila is the right man for Hunter?

13 comments on “Who is Gerson Archila?

  1. This is just out of the blue and I doubt she knew that dude so well before letting him put a ring on her hand. I heard she met him over the internet and that is crazy and DANGEROUS! He might just be using her and she is too dumb/blinded to know that. It won’t last, anyone up for a bet?

    • I have known Gersson personally and I can only say that he is a very honest person who has made mistakes in the past, who hasn’t? He is who he says he is and believes in God above all. Love and faith do conquer all and his love for life and himself makes him the best candidate for Hunter. May God bless you both. Hugs love and besitos!!!

      • He’s not a nice person is comment
        About Hunter “Tylo” about her son was
        awful. I wasn’t surprised just reading about his personal problem with hand trouble

    • I LOOOVE Hunter to DEATH!! She’s fantastic and I’m sure the Enquirer is lying. So SCREW YOU, SHANNON; Hunter knows what she’s doing. BAM!

  2. I cant believe that anyone would believe anything that is writen in the Enquirer. I know Gersson very well and nothing EVER happened in his life with a needle or syringe. I can tell you though that he is human and has made mistakes like we all have in our past.But thanks to our Lord he has a new life and that is what we should all be focusing on.Instead of this made up drama that the Enquirer has posted for sales.Im very happy for Hunter and Gersson and I know that what our Lord has brought together no worldly gossip can seperate.Congrats…

  3. Yeah, this is stupid!! Would you EVER believe the freaking Enquirer?! They lie and lie and lie! They met at church and went to the same gym; Hunter said that. Gersson whats-his-face didn’t go to jail in 2007; he’s never gone to jail. He became a Christan in 2003 and he didn’t have an ‘epiphany’, God saved him. =]]

    • yeah but ht is better off with a christian than some non-religious
      jerk.most christians i know are kind great people,would give you the shirt off their back.

      • Thats a pretty intolerant thing to say. I know plenty of kind great people who aren’t Christian that would give you the shirt right off their back. People from plenty of backrounds, Judaism, Buddhism, Agnosticism. And I know some Christians who are pretty stuck up. Being apart of a religion doesn’t necessarily make you a better person. It’s how you chose to live your life. Every creed has their bad apples, so don’t assume that because someone is Christian that they are automatically superior to those who aren’t. Anyways, although there are some things i believe to be false about the Enquirer’s article, I believe there has to be some truth to it. Maybe the article is just some over-exaggeration. Plus, where did this guy come from out of the blue?

  4. I love Hunter Tylo. I named my 12yr. old after her B&B character. I only wish that her husband has learned from past mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. We all make mistakes. Nothing but the best for “Taylor”.

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