More on Hunter Making Return to Former Soap Opera


HT fans and followers finally have a reason to tune into soap The Bold and the Beautiful again! Hunter is making her return to the role as Taylor for upcoming May sweeps. In soaps, May sweeps is a big deal and the show is said to be doing everything to pull in higher numbers in viewers.Hunter will be involved in the Aly Forrester storyline, concerning Taylor killing her mom Darla after she’d been drinking. Her first air date is April 25th. Everyone tune in and watch and also TWEET the show @Boldinsider, @BandB_CBS, also don’t forget to use hashtag #boldandbeautiful!

New Interview On-Air with Douglas

5ae7cd42-8e0c-4bcb-bd03-18204b8cb10a_onairwithdouglas Hunter did an exclusive radio interview with On-Air with Douglas updating her fans on what she’s been doing since leaving the B&B. Here are a few highlights:

  • With one of her friends who happens to be a dermatologist , she’s creating a skin-care line
  • Continuing to pen her next book since writing autobiography “Making A Miracle” back in 2000
  • Producing a new comedy that may involve a ballet theme, which will require  relocating from her Los Angeles area home
  • She frequently keeps in contact with her B&B co-stars by using her twitter (@AbsoluteHunter) and direct messaging them
  • Hunter said that she reached out to B&B one last time recently, but heard nothing back from them
  • Also revealed that the soap thought that since Steffy wouldn’t be on the show -there was no need for Taylor to be on as her mom (wth?)

Have a listen to the interview and let me know what you think?
Listen to interview below:

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Recently, I sent a tweet to Hunter (@AbsoluteHunter) telling her how much I’m missing Taylor on the soap since she left us last month. I asked about any new roles and she posted back to me she was producing now.

hunter retweet mine

So, i’m excited and will be finding out more about these new producing projects Hunter has taken on, but yeah, I still miss her being on B&B. Taylor’s presence is sorely needed on Bold and Beautiful these days. Oh and I mean sorely. I know the focus on the Logans/Spencers alone cannot carry the soap.

Next up: Producing for Hunter?

Hunter OFF of Bold and the Beautiful????


Is Hunter hitting the road from The Bold and the Beautiful

She posted a note on her message board on Thursday called ‘A Farewell to B&B Mother/Daughter Team’. She wrote that contract negotiations between her and the soap opera ended about four weeks ago. In addition, the tweets she made on her Twitter seemed to confirm she was on her way out, along with on-screen daughter Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy. On her official forum page Hunter said;

 “I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing and pursuing my skin care line,”

Hunter said she would really miss the fans and her friends at B&B, but that she would continue to keep everyone informed about her life adventures through her own forum and webstie at

I hope that Hunter doesn’t leave, I love her as Taylor and have been a fan of both the character and actress for so many years. The last 6 months Taylor had got the chance to shine and become the matriarch of the Forresters.Hunter had sparked a renewed interest in the Taylor-Brooke feud and the fight for Forrester with her on-point performances! I was really anticipating seeing more from her, and i’m so disappointed now.


Taylor is a main ingredient to the show and without her, it just won’t be the same for me. However, I want Hunter to be happy and if she chooses to go based on just feeling the time is right rather than some backstage politics, I respect that. But I’ll still miss her terribly but I guess a woman’s  got to do what she has to. What do you think about this recent news?

“Mother of the Bride Beautiful”

69019_10151869160893047_18I saw this picture on-line of Hunter as Taylor at the wedding of her daughter, Steffy on Bold and the Beautiful and had to share how stunning Hunter looked as Mother of the Bride. Don’t you agree? I ‘m searching for details on her amazing dress and fantastic accessories to post here too.  You can also take the poll below:

Who was more beautiful at the wedding?


Dress Details

Taylor’s ‘Mother of the Bride’ lace dress is named among TOP TEN Favorites on the blog, SoapStyle! Read more here